Paragliding Zermatt — Photo Galleries

Some pictures taken over the years from the skies around Zermatt. Enjoy!

Paragliding Pictures

General paragliding pictures from around Zermatt

Paragliding Zermatt's Passengers

Pictures of some of those of you, who've flown with us over the years.

Matterhorn Flight

Dany's flight around and over the Matterhorn. Spectacular pictures!

Mountain Photos

Some of our photos of the fantastic mountain scenery around Zermatt (not just the Matterhorn!).

Oldest & Youngest Passengers

You're never too young or too old to come fly with us! Hannes Taugwalder flew with us at the young age of 95! Our youngest was Zoe Schmid when she was only 2 ½ (helps when your father is a professional paragliding pilot!).

Photos from the Swiss Hang- and Paragliding Association (SHV)

Fantastic photos taken around Switzerland. © 2006 by individual photographers. (not for commercial use!)

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